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About Us


BCI, or Blue Chameleon Investigations, is a distinguished private investigation agency renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence and delivering reliable results. Led by a team of experienced professionals, including the esteemed founder Thomas Geisler, BCI offers a comprehensive range of investigative services tailored to meet clients' diverse needs. With a focus on professionalism, integrity, and meticulous attention to detail, BCI approaches each case with utmost dedication, ensuring that clients are kept informed, involved, and empowered throughout the process. Whether conducting thorough background checks, discreet surveillance, corporate investigations, or security consulting, BCI leverages its expertise and extensive network to uncover the truth and provide clients with the peace of mind they seek. Choose BCI as your trusted partner, and experience the unparalleled commitment and expertise that sets them apart in private investigations.

Our Story

Blue Chameleon Investigations (BCI) was founded by Mr. Thomas Geisler, a dedicated and experienced professional who fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning and operating his own Private Investigation Agency. With almost 30 years of service as a Detective in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, Mr. Geisler retired, only to realize that his passion for investigation and serving the community was far from over. Recognizing the need for his expertise, he embarked on a new journey and established Blue Chameleon Investigations.

BCI emerged from the initial planning, licensing, and organization stages, fueled by Mr. Geisler's vision. His beloved wife's fascination inspired blue Chameleon Investigations with chameleons. The company logo, a collaborative effort between the couple and a talented local artist, symbolizes the essence of adaptability and transformation.

Driven to provide exceptional service, Mr. Geisler has cultivated a team of experienced, trusted, and credible Investigators. Blue Chameleon Investigations has built numerous professional relationships throughout his career and draws upon a vast network of resources and knowledge. The agency boasts a full spectrum of investigative services, with the majority of the team consisting of retired law enforcement professionals. BCI's commitment to professionalism, integrity, and delivering results has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.

When you engage Blue Chameleon Investigations, you gain a steadfast ally dedicated to your case. BCI firmly believes in keeping clients involved, informed, and empowered by presenting them with all available options. Whether you are an individual seeking answers or a major corporation needing comprehensive investigations, BCI is here to serve you. Trust Blue Chameleon Investigations to uncover the truth and provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

Meet The Leadership Team

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