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Asset Investigations

Blue Chameleon Investigations (BCI), a team of experienced private investigators in North Carolina, operates as registered property finders, authorized to locate and recover claims in strict adherence to the prescribed guidelines. With a strong network of licensed attorneys, we ensure that every claim we handle surpasses the established standards. Our commitment to our client's interests is unwavering, as we never charge individuals or families upfront fees, and we willingly cover court expenses to facilitate the recovery process. Only after the claims are successfully received and paid, do we invoice our clients based on a percentage of the amount recovered, providing a fair and transparent fee structure. In addition to our expertise in claim recovery, we offer comprehensive debtor location services and extend our assistance in recovering your rightful property. With a diligent approach and unwavering dedication, BCI takes great pride in conducting thorough due diligence and hard work to ensure the recovery of all funds that rightfully belong to our valued clients throughout North Carolina.​​  

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