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Background Investigations

Personal Services & Background Checks


​In this day and time, hiring a person without a thorough background investigation can be a catastrophe for local government and businesses. BCI offers various levels of background investigations according to the client’s wishes. This runs the range from criminal/civil checks to interviews. The best information on a person can be gathered by interviewing those not offered as references.


There are many things we can do to assist you with preparations for personal security, home protection or even applying for a new job. When was the last time you verified your credit history or conducted a public, state and federal records search? BCI can assist you with document retrieval of all kinds, court records search and retrieval, as well as assist you with your employment history and pre-employment screening. 

Other services that BCI provides:

  • Covert Surveillance Operations

  • Employment History

  • Surveillance

  • Tenant Screening

  • Preparing you to testify in court

  • Hiring Processes

  • Background Investigations

  • Policy Review

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