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Cheating & Infidelity Investigations

Nobody enters into a new relationship with the expectation that infidelity will take place. Unfortunately, infidelity and adultery are not uncommon. According to research, roughly more than 40% of marriages have one or both spouses admitting to either emotional or physical infidelity.  

Any investigation of a potentially cheating spouse or partner is difficult, we understand that. The feelings of betrayal, guilt, and doubt can be very overwhelming and destructive, which can result in a loss of objectivity and good judgment. Anyone that believes they could be the victim of adultery or infidelity can use a trained private investigator to uncover the truth in an unbiased and objective manner. Our team of private investigators is trained to conduct discreet surveillance and gather evidence that can be used to prove infidelity.  

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, you want to confirm your suspicions as soon as possible. Statistics show that wives who suspect their partners of cheating are correct around 85% of the time, while husbands who suspect their partners of cheating are correct nearly 50% of the time. You may try to uncover the truth yourself, but oftentimes this is ineffective or could cause your partner to become even more secretive. The most effective way to monitor your partner’s actions is to hire a private investigator. At BCI, our professionals are trained in gathering information and surveillance, and they are the best way to confirm infidelity. 

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