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Child Custody Investigations

Life often throws unexpected challenges our way, and going through a divorce is one of them. The process entails countless decisions and agreements, which can be overwhelmingly stressful. Asset division and separation terms need to be established, and matters become even more complex when children are involved. Emotions run high, and issues such as abuse or neglect allegations come into play, ultimately determining child custody. In these situations, claims are made that can either be true or false, impacting the outcome significantly. When you choose to work with BCI, a trusted private investigator in Charlotte, we gather the evidence you need to establish the truth. BCI specializes in providing crucial testimony and evidence that sheds light on the other parent's behaviors. We often encounter cases requiring compliance with agreements, ensuring a safe environment for the child, and upholding court orders. If you find yourself battling these challenges in court, an investigation becomes vital in preparing your case effectively.Trust in BCI to support you throughout your divorce proceedings. Our experienced team of private investigators in Charlotte will work diligently to gather the necessary evidence, providing you with a strong foundation to navigate your divorce proceedings. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation confidentially and let us assist you in achieving a favorable outcome.
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