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Child Custody Investigations

There are many things in life that we don’t always plan for. Going through a Divorce is one of them. There are endless decisions and agreements to be made once you move forward with a separation. Division of your assets and agreeing upon separation terms can be a very stressful process. When there are children involved, emotions can run much higher and things can quickly become complicated. Claim accusations such as abuse, or neglect can determine which parent will have custody of a child. Often, claims arise in all forms to determine a parent’s fitness; and these claims, like any, could result in being true or false. Once you decide to proceed with an Investigation with BCI, we can gather the evidence you need to establish the truth.


BCI can provide testimony or evidence that can demonstrate bad behaviors on the part of the other parent. We also commonly encounter the need for; compliance with agreements, ensuring safe environments for a child and court orders. If you are battling this in court, an Investigation can be crucial when getting prepared.

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