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As a trusted private investigator, Blue Chameleon Investigations (BCI) offers a comprehensive range of services to assist with various civil cases. Our expertise includes conducting thorough research and retrieval of civil court records, providing litigation support, performing computer forensics and data analysis, and conducting insurance investigations. We are also skilled in handling internal theft investigations and loss prevention, investigating cases of police abuse, malpractice, patent and trademark infringement, personal injury, sexual harassment, and workers' compensation claims. Additionally, we excel in video surveillance, conducting witness interviews and statements to gather crucial evidence. With our professional expertise and commitment to uncovering the truth, you can rely on Blue Chameleon Investigations for effective assistance in all your civil case needs.


There are numerous types of civil cases and services BCI can assist with:

  • Civil Court Records Research and Retrieval

  • Civil Litigation Support

  • Computer Forensics and Data Analysis

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Internal Theft Investigations/Loss Prevention

  • Investigation of Police Abuse

  • Malpractice Investigation

  • Patent and Trademark Infringement

  • Personal Injury Investigations

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Video Surveillance

  • Witness Interviews and Statements

  • Workers Compensation Claims and Investigations

Civil Investigations

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