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Corporate & Business Investigations

Corporate investigations play a vital role in uncovering misconduct and policy violations within businesses. At BCI, we understand the significance of a comprehensive and meticulous corporate investigation to safeguard the integrity of your organization. Whether it involves employee theft, fraud, embezzlement, or verifying the legitimacy of business partners, our team of corporate investigators is dedicated to ensuring your company operates smoothly and within legal boundaries.
With a wide range of investigative services tailored to your specific needs, BCI is your trusted partner for all your corporate investigation requirements. Whether you require ongoing investigations or a thorough re-investigation of a case, our experts will provide the attention and second opinion you seek. Our surveillance services are invaluable for uncovering insurance fraud and worker's compensation cases, while our GPS tracking services can enhance fleet management and secure your valuable assets.
When it comes to corporate investigations, we address various common issues, including corruption, e-discovery/electronic evidence, fraud, and sexual harassment. Our team's expertise and advanced techniques enable us to delve deep into the intricacies of these complex matters, ensuring no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the truth.
Take control of your corporate investigations today by partnering with BCI. Contact us to discuss your options and discover how our comprehensive range of services can empower your organization and protect its reputation. Trust in our expertise to deliver the results you need to maintain a secure and compliant business environment.
Some of the most common types of Corporate/Business Investigations:​
  • Corruption 
  • E-Discovery / Electronic
  • Fraud 
  • Sexual Harassment


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