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Corporate & Business Investigations

A corporate investigation is a detailed and comprehensive investigation of a corporation or business in order to expose misconduct or policy violations. These can be committed by employees, the management or third parties. There are many aspects involved in a corporate investigation and they can vary undoubtedly based on your needs. For example, corporate investigations can expose if a business partner is legitimate, whether an employee is stealing from the company, or reveal fraud and embezzlement, just to name a few. A corporate investigator’s main job, though, is ensuring a company is running smoothly and within the law. 

BCI is your one-stop Agency for all of your Investigative needs. BCI can assist with an ongoing Investigation or provide a thorough re-investigation of a case you feel needs more attention and a second opinion. We can offer our Surveillance services for insurance fraud, workers compensation and more. We can provide our GPS services if your company provides vehicles for your employees, freight tracking or tracking of goods. Whatever the case may be, reach out to us and we can discuss your options and the services we can use to help you.


Some of the most common types of Corporate/Business Investigations:

  • Corruption 

  • E-Discovery / Electronic

  • Fraud 

  • Sexual Harassment

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