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Detective privado

Private Detectives: Uncover the Truth with Discreet and Professional Services

Welcome to BCI's Private Detective services, where our experienced team is dedicated to helping you unravel mysteries, resolve doubts, and discover facts that matter most to you. Our private detectives are well-versed in the art of investigation, with backgrounds in law enforcement, security, and intelligence. We understand that each case is unique, and our tailored approach ensures we meet your specific needs.

Top Services

  • Background Checks: Whether you need a comprehensive background check for personal or professional reasons, our detectives can provide thorough and discreet investigations to uncover the information you seek.

  • Surveillance: We specialize in covert surveillance, allowing us to collect the evidence you need without alerting the subject. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operatives ensure we capture crucial information.

  • Infidelity Investigations: Suspecting a cheating partner can be distressing. Our detectives are trained to handle infidelity cases with sensitivity and professionalism, providing clarity during challenging times.

  • Missing Persons: If you're searching for a missing loved one, our detectives employ advanced techniques and resources to help locate individuals who have disappeared.

  • Asset Investigations: When financial matters require scrutiny, we conduct asset investigations to uncover hidden assets, ensuring transparency in various situations.

  • Child Custody and Family Matters: We understand the importance of family. Our team assists in child custody investigations, ensuring the best interests of the child are upheld.

  • Corporate Investigations: For businesses, we offer services like employee background checks, fraud investigations, and protection against corporate espionage to safeguard your organization.

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¿Por qué elegir BCI?

Nuestros detectives privados no sólo son investigadores capacitados sino también profesionales éticos que operan dentro de los límites de la ley. Priorizamos la discreción, la confidencialidad y el respeto a la privacidad de nuestros clientes. Con BCI, puede confiar en que su caso se manejará con el máximo cuidado y experiencia, brindando resultados que brindarán claridad y tranquilidad.


Cuando requieras los servicios de un detective privado, elige BCI. Nuestro compromiso con la excelencia, combinado con décadas de experiencia, garantiza que usted reciba el más alto nivel de servicios de investigación. Contáctenos hoy para discutir sus necesidades específicas y deje que nuestro dedicado equipo lo ayude a descubrir la verdad.

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