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GPS - Real-Time Tracking

BCI uses Real-Time GPS Tracking Units for our clients' needs. These GPS units are designed to record information about when, where, duration of time spent at locations and the exact route a vehicle travels. There are many reasons for both Individuals and Businesses to utilize this product. Here are some reasons to consider the use of a GPS Real-Time Tracker:

  • Cheating Spouse/Infidelity Investigations 

  • Follow family members on cross-country trips/adventures/races

  • Geo-Fencing 

  • If your teen/spouse gets into an accident, you will know the exact location to send emergency vehicles

  • Keep track of elderly family members

  • Monitor your teens' driving behaviors

  • Perimeter Protection

  • Track Your Fleet

  • The tracking device in a child’s backpack

  • Undercover Investigations

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

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