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Interviews & Interrogations 

BCI understands that as an Employer or HR professional you can be faced with difficult problems such as theft, vandalism, substance abuse, and other acts of various misconduct. BCI has experienced and trained investigators that will discover the truth by gathering facts through interrogation and interviewing process.

We will screen all potential suspects and filter out the innocent parties. Then we will shift our complete focus to the legitimate suspects only.

BCI's approach will reduce the stress of the process while maintaining team morale at your place of business. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most efficient and accurate results with the least amount of disruption possible to the workplace. BCI will guide your business throughout all of the stages of our Investigation.

At the completion of the investigation, our clients are always provided with a complete, comprehensive report and briefing. We will also testify in court if there is any litigation after our investigation.

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