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Meet the BCI Team: Featuring our Founder, Tom Geisler

Tom and Karen Geisler in the BCI office, BCI logo on wall
Tom and Karen Geisler at BCI Ribbon Cutting

🕵️ First Edition of our Meet The Team Series 🕵️

At BCI, the strength of our team is the cornerstone of our success. Each member brings unique experiences and skills, contributing to our mission of providing exceptional investigative and security solutions.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to the driving force behind BCI: 🔍 Thomas Geisler - Founder, President, and Lead Investigator

Meet Tom Geisler, the person who laid the groundwork for BCI. As a retired CMPD detective, Tom's extensive law enforcement experience is the foundation for our services. Tom is meticulous and accurate, vital to his investigative work and flying proficiency as a seasoned pilot. Despite being a modest person with few words, his unwavering commitment and professionalism leave a lasting impression on everyone he interacts with.

👩❤️👨 A Family Affair - Karen and Brett:

But the story of BCI isn't just about Tom; it's about a family united by a passion for investigation and security. Karen, Tom's beloved wife, is an accomplished private investigator in her own right. She obtained her P.I. license right from the start and learned from the best, Tom himself. Her expertise significantly contributes to BCI's comprehensive service offerings.

Karen's son, Brett, plays a crucial role as our Technical Director, managing the office and ensuring our operations run like clockwork. Brett's expertise extends to TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures), adding an extra layer of security to our services. Notably, Brett is also a seasoned private investigator, bringing a wealth of experience to our investigative team.

🌎 Local Roots, Global Impact:

While the Geisler's expertise spans far and wide, they remain rooted in their community. Proudly residing in Union County, they're on a mission to keep business local, benefiting the community where they've raised their children. This commitment extends to our work environment, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes working moms, spouses, and everyone seeking a place to flourish.

🦎 The Inspiration Behind Our Name:

The Geisler family's love for rare and unique animals, particularly chameleons, played a role in our branding. They worked closely with a local artist to craft our logo, aptly naming us Blue Chameleon Investigations. The chameleon's adaptability reflects our approach to adapting to our client's unique needs and situations, providing tailored solutions every step of the way.

🐾 A Love for Animals:

The Geisler family isn't the only one with a soft spot for animals; it's a sentiment shared throughout our staff. We cherish all creatures, especially the rare and unique ones, just like our beloved chameleons. It's another aspect of what makes BCI more than just a business; it's a family united by a love for justice, security, and the world's most extraordinary creatures.

Stay tuned to meet more remarkable team members, each contributing to our passion for excellence. They are the heart and soul of BCI, dedicated to delivering top-notch investigative and security services.

Meet the BCI Team: Featuring our Founder, Tom Geisler by E. Rivera

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