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Theft Investigations

Our team at BCI has the experience and creativity to solve and resolve Theft Investigations. Whether it is employee theft, family theft or any other matter involving this crime, BCI offers a variety of ways to detect and uncover theft suspects as well as provide solutions. BCI will document everything and provide courtroom quality evidence in order to help convict the thief/thieves.


Our experienced team will give you guidance and experience to handle the most delicate of scenarios. In Charlotte and the surrounding areas, BCI knows how to work with and without police assistance and will help take the case from beginning to end. With the majority of our Investigators having a Law Enforcement Background, BCI knows both sides very well and will assist in the best way possible, depending on the needs of the case. 

Some Examples of Theft Investigations:

  • Employee Theft

  • Family Theft      

  • Personal Matters     

  • Property Theft 

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