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Government Agencies

BCI caters to medium to small-sized local government agencies and can provide many services at reasonable, local government rates. Those of us with Blue Chameleon Investigations have many years of experience working for local government.  We have prepared and administered budgets. We understand cost is always a primary concern. We have pricing with that understanding and believe you will find our cost is vastly lower than the man-hour cost incurred to accomplish these services internally. Call our office for a quote to see how affordable we are and how we can take the burden of these tasks off of your staff.

Businesses & Corporations
Law Firms & Attorneys


BCI works with all Businesses, big and small. We proudly offer a vast array of services to our clients. With BCI as your ally, your company can run "business as usual" while we investigate these cases for you.

  • AOE (Arriving out of Employment), COE (Course of Employment) Worker's compensation

  • Breach of Contracts

  • Cargo Theft

  • Cell Phone Forensics and Data Recovery

  • Co-Worker Relationships

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Computer Forensics

  • Conflict Resolution  

  • Construction/Contractor Surveillance and/or Vetting

  • Counter Measures

  • Digital Forensics

  • Due Diligence

  • EEOC Violations

  • Electronic Bugs

  • Embezzlement & Laundering

  • Fingerprinting Services

  • FMLA Violations

  • Fraternization Policies

  • Fraud & Theft Investigations 

  • High-Risk Dismissal Assistance

  • Human Resource Assistance

  • Intellectual Property and Counterfeit Goods

  • Loss Prevention

  • Malingering

  • Mandatory Settlement Conference

  • Moonlighting Verification

  • Non-Compete Clause

  • On the job drug use, gambling, social media (personal problems)

  • OSHA Violations ​

  • Polygraph services

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Whistleblower protection in publicly traded companies for fraud or SEC violations

  • Screening - Employees, Employers, Investments, Vendors, Contractors, Volunteers, Tenants

  • Secret shopper

  • Security plan consultation/crime prevention 

  • Sexual harassment

  • Short-term occupancy agreements - Violation of, or questions regarding agreements involving short-term rental properties (Airbnb)

  • Title IX Investigations - violence, discrimination, or harassment of persons based on sex at educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance

  • Violation of NDA (Non-disclosure) agreements

  • Workplace Violence

Businesses & Corporations

Law Firms & Attorneys


Attorneys and Private Investigators have worked together for quite some time. Here at BCI, we are happy to be of service to Law firms and lawyers, alike. When the time arises, we are here to be your ally and more. We assist in all of the following services and Investigation types. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 


BCI is ready to be your ally, our years of experience allow us to offer so many services to Individuals. We understand that if you are seeking a Private Investigator, you may not exactly be in the best place in your life and could possibly be in a stressful/emotional situation. BCI will work with you and you can decide how involved you'd like to be during an Investigation. If you've come this far and you're considering hiring a P.I., don't wait any longer. Contact us for a free confidential consultation. You can rest easier with us on your side.

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